Corporate Video Production

We challenge ourselves to make every video as tailored and unique to every client we work with. That is because at its core, communication & storytelling is all about human relationships. So rather than just repeating what has already been said about your product or service, we create visual stories about your brand so people understand not only your product or service but the people behind it and what drives them. By working hand in hand with you, we learn to understand your needs which in turn helps communicate your story with style. Contact us today to learn more about our corporate video production capabilities or view some of our work below!

The Process Behind Corporate Video Production

Delivering your message across all your customer’s digital platforms requires effective communication and creating an emotional connection in a short time frame. In order to do this, it requires developing trust, sharing meaningful stories, and highlighting the human side of your brand in a compassionate and impactful way.

At To Tony Productions, our corporate video production company will help you craft that message, and shine a spotlight on your brand and the people behind it. Ensuring that we showcase the products, personalities, and beliefs that make your brand so special. That way your customers can put a face to your business, and build a connection with you regardless of which device they are on.

More than a slogan, client outreach through video production can induce more of a connotative outlook upon your business. Reach your clients and let them know who you are as a brand with refined and creative approaches to explaining what you do. As a part of the opening campaign for Associated Behavioral Health Services of Maryland, this short commercial piece aims to communicate the effect of having friendly support systems while leaving behind the negative stigma that can surround the profession. Work with us to build your story.

As you delve deeper into your brand, sometimes the best way to speak is through the mouths of the people who matter the most. Like a personal recommendation, interviews attest for you and your success. This simple, yet successful approach allows your message to be shared through those who helped you get where you are today: your founders, your team members and most importantly, your clients. Voice overs and supporting footage, as seen in this informative piece for Civic Works, secure the words into place through stunning visuals.
Show how your team is more than just a group of colleagues, but instead a family coming together. Whether it be learning through summits, giving back through charity events, or celebrating seasons and achievements, you do it together. Capture that milestone and share so that your audience can participate and celebrate with you. The Free Farm Fancy Dinner was a heart warming and open doors event with proceeds going straight to their community, having this piece not only gave them a memento, but a powerful tool in letting others know about their goals and how to help achieve them.

Stephen was introduced to us with a need to get the message of his group out to the public. He wanted to grow, not only in members but in support. Being an organization that gives back to both the groups members and its volunteers, the goal was to extend his Walking Discovery family. Showing the differences and feedback from his group as well as the effect it has on their lives and their families and the absolute joy the volunteers get from working with him, there is no denying the benefits of what he does. He had all of the pieces working, he just needed a way to communicate them. Working with him to a create a piece and show every angle of his organization gives him the tools he needs to grow in all directions.

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