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At our core To Tony Productions is about the story, the style, and the execution. We love to create short films with a great culmination of ideas which we bring to life. Each new short film we create comes with a purpose and a chance to show something unique to the world.

Official selection of both the Rosebud Film Festival and Annapolis Film Festival, Voicebox paints a love story under both physical and metaphorical constraints. With homages to fables such David and Goliath and Shakespearean star-crossed lovers, Voicebox builds a world without words. Challenged by a lack of our most vital communication tool, we examine how we handle love, a complex emotion that can ironically leave one at a loss for words.

Finalist of the Baltimore 48 Hour Film Festival 2012, Nina tells the story of a young girl with a super hero delusion stemming from a romantic view of crime fighting. Under great time constraints, having a total of 2 days to produce, film and edit to a polished product, the film illustrates a three point plot structure resourcefully produced.
Created for a 72 Hour film festival, Spiritus is a playful endeavor with B-rate horror movie tropes. From over played metaphors to cliched dialogue, the film is a commentary and satire on the model in which the modern horror movie finds it’s roots. Taking stylistic concepts from movies such as IT and Evil Dead, Spiritus vivaciously jests at the basics while wearing a straight face.

A twist on the classic zombie romance movie, we inspect what happens after the outbreak of zombies have become normalized. In this approach, we are then allowed to set zombies as a back drop like you would see going to work and cooking dinner in modern day. The zombie normalization creates a unique filter in which we can inspect how both personal relationships and individual psyches are altered under what was once intense circumstances and now turned to average affair.

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